Peanut Butter Cup Filling Recipe that Rivals a Brand Name

Joe Camerlin
01/30/15 01:04:13PM
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I would like to share with all you kind people a recipe I developed for peanut butter cup filling that is the rave to those who try it.

This recipe is not what you would typically find on the web; recipes which contain graham crackers, butter, vanilla and store bought peanut butter.

Nope, this recipes contains freshly ground dry roasted unsalted peanuts, 10X sugar, dextrose and salt (the same ingredients found on that leading brand).

So here are the ingredients for a nice sized batch of filling (about 14 large cups):

200 g dry roasted, unsalted peanuts

40 g confectioners sugar

40 g Dextrose

6 g salt


  1. Grind the peanut on a course setting if using a peanut butter maker. I have several Salton peanut butter makers. I love that machine unfortunately, they are no longer manufactured, that is why i have several from Ebay. If you don't have a peanut butter maker, you can make the peanut butter using a blender. It will take about 5 minutes to make the peanut butter and you will haver to push the peanuts down towards the blade from time to time until it starts to get creamy. Make sure the blender is OFF when pushing the peanut down. Here is an important tip for the correct texture. Take about 40 g of the 200g peanuts (before you grind them) and pulse 5 to 7 times in the blender and put the slivers aside for later.
  2. Finish grinding the balance of the peanut (160 g) and in a bowl, combine the slivers and the peanut butter.
  3. Add the sugar, Dextrose and salt to the mixture.
  4. Throughly mix. It will be stiff at first but after a few minutes of setting, the filling will become soft and glossy.
  5. Put the filling aside while you prepare the chocolate.
  6. Now, this is where your imagination takes over, enjoy!

Filling Tips (done by hand):

  1. Place a peanut butter cup paper liner (about 1 inch diameter) in a larger container. I use a 1/2 cup measuring cup. You will see why in a moment.
  2. Pour about 1 teaspoon of chocolate on the bottom of the liner. You can adjust this amount based on the size of the liner you use.
  3. Grab the handle of the measuring cup and gently shake the cup until the chocolate settles flat.
  4. Drop 1/2 tablespoon of filling into the cup on top of the chocolate.
  5. Shake the cup back and forth with a quick motion. This will cause the filling to settle, spread to the sides of the cup and force the chocolate up the sides ofthe liner.
  6. Pour about 1 teaspoon of chocolate on top of the filling and spread with the back of the spoon to cover the filling.
  7. Again, shake the cup back and forth until the chocolate is perfectly flat on the top.
  8. Remove from measurng cup and let cool and repeat steps 1 through 7.
  9. If you have a vibrating table, you can use that instead of shaking the cup by hand. Also, don't shake so hard that the liner flys out of the measuring cup. I already did that.
  10. Following this procedure will yield you perfectly flat topped peanut butter cups with just the right amount of chocolate on the sides, bottom and top.

Well, I you enjoy this recipe, if you love peanut butter cups (like the leading brand) you will certainly love these. Also, you can make giant cups or other candy molds. You are not limited to just paper liners.

Best Regards,

Joe C.

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Jack Meyer
03/12/15 10:33:05AM
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May I ask why dextrose is used in your recipe? I've not used it before and just curious.


Matthew Kirshner
03/12/15 07:45:16PM
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Hi Joe,

Thank you for sharing your formula, i will have to try it tomorrow and let you know how i like it. 


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