Making Truffles

Donny Gagliardi
12/26/12 12:38:51AM
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Hello all,

hope everyone is having a great holiday!

I have a question regarding truffle making. To my understanding, once you have made your ganache/filling, you are supposed to refridgerate, then take out to form balls, then refridgerate or freeze. After the balls have been chilled, you are then supposed to dip into your tempered chocolate.

My question is will the chilled or frozen ganache throw off the temper? Ive read many posts advising against refridgerating tempered chocolate as it is more likely to bloom on account of the moisture. Would it be better to let the formed balls rise to room temp before dipping into chocolate?

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Melanie Boudar
12/26/12 07:49:09PM
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Most people make a ganache and let it sit overnight to crystallize without refrigeration.You can roll it the next day. If chocolate centers are dipped cold they will crack. There are many great books, ecole chocolat or chocolate academy classes on proper chocolate making. Not sure where you got your initial concepts on refrigeration or freezing but sounds like you need a basic course.


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