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John E
10/01/13 11:43:23AM
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So this is my issue. I have a truffle recipe I am trying to create and after a few days it crystalizes(sandy texture inside the filling). The ingredients inside consist of sweetened condensed milk, table cream, cocoa powder etc. I then put this in a pot over the stove to cook it until it reaches a certain consistency then cool it off until it is ready to go inside truffle shells.I would really like to extend the shelf life by stopping the crystallization from occurring. Some people told me that invertase is the solution to the problem. I ordered some from Lorann oils but I have no idea how to use it. Please, anyone who may have some information will be helpful!

Thank You!!

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10/01/13 06:29:35PM
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I'm not sure about a specific recipe to refer you to, but this thread has some great information on invertase.

I'd also suggest looking into Wybauw's book Fine Chocolates - Great Experience 3

It specifically discusses shelf life and is very insightful.

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Jeff Stern
10/01/13 06:35:15PM
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Invertase will soften a fondant center but may not necessarily prevent crystallization or give the same result in a ganache. While cooking, you may want to add a tablespoon of glucose-or any amount in small enough proportion to your recipe that it will not change the consistency much. Glucose can help prevent crystallization. Hope this helps.

John E
10/02/13 01:42:26AM
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Thanks a lot for the help I appreciate it! Say the crystals that are forming are from the Lactose (lactose crystals) will the invertase work to inhibit their growth also?

John E
10/02/13 01:43:15AM
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Thank you!


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