Costa Rican Organic Craft Chocolate seeks Investment Capital

Tao Watts
10/01/13 06:37:08PM
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Samaritan Xocolata is seeking JV partner or investor for organic, craft chocolateria & chocolate salon in growing community near tourist attraction in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.
This cottage industry is one of only a handful of fine, organic, artisan chocolates in the country of Costa Rica, utilizing 100% Costa Rican grown indigenous cacao, and high quality, locally sourced fresh and organic ingredients, for creative and vibrant flavours and texture experience. It truly is one of the best chocolates you will ever taste!
There is a history of this company that goes back to 2005, but recent developments have taken it to new levels, and we are ready to go even further in promoting Costa Rican chocolate and quality, hand-crafted, rural, sustainable micro -industry, and providing not only economic opportunities for women in a remote community, as well as an attraction for rural tourism.
Please contact directly if you are a lover of chocolate and interested in helping this small business grow. Biz plan available for serious inquiry.
Peace, Love & Chocolate,
Tao Watts

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