What's your favorite Whole Milk Powder???

12/15/14 10:27:57PM
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Hey everyone I'm looking to test out some new whole milk powders!

I was sourcing some from a farm in Fresno, CA but now I'm looking for some other recommendations...

Any suggestions on the tastiest???


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Brad Churchill
12/16/14 06:29:54AM
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Parmalat, but I think you can only get it in Canada.

12/16/14 01:23:16PM
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Thanks Brad, do you know how it is processed(sprayed or roller)? I just placed a sample order from Vern Dale Products in Michigan, they specialize in the dry rolled technique.

Reason for the change is the dried milk I was getting from Dairy America in Fresno left an acidic aftertaste almost rancid. I'm guessing that it's because I didn't clarify that their dried whole milk was "low heat".


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