Maglio Bars

Susan C
05/03/09 03:25:05PM
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Has anyone tasted bars by Maglio of Italy? Any information about the company, etc.
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05/04/09 02:22:57PM
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What I know about this is that they do not make their own chocolate. Had read some rumors that it was Cacao Barry who supplied it, and perhaps another maker. After making inquiries with the company, and elsewhere, never did get to the bottom of it. Of the six origin chocolates I tried, four were terrible, one was pretty good, and the other very good. The Africa was the pretty good one, and the Cuba the very good. Cuba is a distinct origin and this was memorable, and so is the Pralus Cuba, but of different character. I've reviewed these two Cuba chocolates here. I've found Maglio filled chocolates to be good, nothing too special, but admittedly have not tasted a great number of these.


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