Sugar in Ganache

07/11/11 12:47:21PM
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I am new to chocolate but I love it!! I made a 2:1 ganache (70% chocolate and 35% cream) and I added some granulated sugar to it and now my ganache has undissolved sugar granules. How can I correct this? any help is appreciated.

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Brad Churchill
07/11/11 05:52:21PM
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That depends on how much sugar you added.

Sugar won't dissolve in chocolate, and if you added as much sugar as cream, you're pretty much out of luck. My suggestion would be to melt it all down and use a hand mixer to dissolve the sugar. It will incorporate air into the mix as it cools and solidifies, but you can remelt it again and stir the air out and let it set.

In the future, dissolve the sugar in the cream first.



Richard Foley
07/31/11 01:24:37AM
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If you want more sugar, use a 50 to 60 % chocolate instead, simple. You can't add granulated sugar to ganache. Also careful of other ingredients that contain moisture or water, as water is also an enemy to chocolate.


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