nutrition labeling for a box of assorted chocolates

Emily Kosty
11/18/12 18:27:47
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Anybody have any ideas as to how to create a label for assorted chocolates or truffles?

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Jeff Stern
11/22/12 11:04:55
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Your are permitted to have a label that reflects a composite value of the products inside for a mixed box. You can check out the guidelines here

Remember, these are not law but regulations, but it's best to try and follow as closely as possible.

Here's the key paragraph

Products with Separately Packaged Ingredients/Assortments of Foods/Gift Packages ( 21 CFR 101.9(h) )

P1. Can the Nutrition Facts label on a box containing dry noodles and a seasoning packet list the nutrients in the noodles separately from the seasoning packet? If so, must a column be included that gives the total nutrients for the noodles and the seasoning packet?

Answer: Section 101.9(h)(1) provides the option of listing nutrition information per serving for each component or as a composite value. The decision is up to the manufacturer. A column of total values is not required.

P2. What are the labeling options for products packed in an assortment that are intended to be eaten at the same time? Can the nutrient analysis for a product containing a mixture of nuts or different types of dried fruit be based on a composite of the mixture blended together?

Answer: Section 101.9(h)(1) allows the nutrition information for assortments of the same type of food (e.g., mixed nuts or mixed fruits) that are intended to be consumed at the same time to be specified for each component or as a composite value. Therefore, if it is reasonable to assume that a consumer would eat an assortment of the nuts or fruits offered, a single composite analysis may be used to determine the nutrient composition.

Emily Kosty
11/22/12 11:09:07
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Many thanks... just wanted to be sure I was interpreting it correctly.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff!

Gobble Gobble...

Carol H
11/24/12 01:03:07
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You probably don't need to provide nutrition info if you meet the small business exemption criteria (although, most consumers and stores prefer that all products provide it). See here:

"One exemption, for low-volume products, applies if the person claiming the exemption employs fewer than an average of 100 full-time equivalent employees and fewer than 100,000 units of that product are sold in the United States in a 12-month period. To qualify for this exemption the person must file a notice annually with FDA. Note that low volume products that bear nutrition claims do not qualify for an exemption of this type. "

You can file for the exemption online.

Also, if you ever plan to package the individual chocolates not mixed, then it is good to have the nutrition info done for each separate variety (which you would need to do if you package them mixed anyway... to get the composite value you'll need the individual values).

Emily Kosty
12/04/12 19:34:17
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Thanks, Carol....


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