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Colin Green
06/05/13 12:25:38AM
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All of my work involves panning. However I may have an opportunity to work with someone interesting on a new project that involves molds. In essence it is to make company logos out of chocolate by use of molding. But this is virgin territory to me!

I'm OK with tempering etc. But as regards the molds I know little.

Are polycarbonate molds the ones to use? And how do I get molds made? How many items (about an inch across) would I get from a sheet of molds? I am thinking that I'd need to make around say, 1,000 pieces a week (that may be inaccurate but at least it's a number). Do molds have a "life"? How many times can the be used?

Any idea as to prices? I would need to have these molds created for me.

I think that the molds could be emptied and reused in about an hour after the chocolate has set. Sounds right?

Finally, I shall need a tempering machine and a depositor (I guess...) I am thinking that FBM would be the way to go?

ANY advice would be so welcome.



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Here is a link to a previous discussion about custom molds.

Polycarbonate is the standard mold material because of the excellent results it provides. However custom polycarbonate molds are pricy and may be best suited to long run projects.

When well cared for, polycarbonate molds should last a very LONG time. There are many previous discussions about how to care for them. (washing temp, soap to use or not use, whether or not to use distilled water, polishing them...) The list goes on and on.

A tempering machine would certainly increase your volume and ease although it is not required. You could simply temper on a slab, & fill the mold from a bowl.

Also be sure to search the forum for discussions about mold temperatures, temperatures for crystallization, and so forth. There are a lot of useful discussions on that as well. i.e

I hope this helps. :)


Colin Green
06/05/13 06:50:44PM
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Thank you so much for uncovering this for me. It is a great demonstration as to what information is on this website without asking questions. I didn't research well enough.

There is much to digest so at this stage I will just say "thank you" most sincerely.

Kind regards

Colin :-)


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