chopping up a block of chocolate

Esther L. Greenberger2
07/13/13 11:48:25PM
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Is there a simpler way to chop up a 10lb. block of chocolate other than using a chocolate chipper and a small hammer?

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Steve Whitman
07/14/13 12:41:43AM
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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
07/14/13 01:01:54AM
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Forget the chipper and use a large hammer!

Scooter's Bakery
07/14/13 01:32:50AM
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I have a chipper that I bought 30 years ago and it works a lot better than the current ones.

It's extremely sharp !

My business partner got ahold of some new versions and sharpened them up. Worked better, but it's never much fun.Now we only use blocks when we can't get Pistoles.

I know a Pastry Chef that would just smash the blocks onto the floor and then bang the large chunks onto the side of the workbench.

Esther L. Greenberger2
07/14/13 12:56:22PM
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Thanks for the response. I also bang the block on the cement after I put it into two large plastic bags. Thanks for the idea of sharpening the chipper. I'll try that.

Esther L. Greenberger2
07/14/13 12:57:51PM
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
07/14/13 11:36:17PM
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thanks too it could not been simpler!

07/15/13 01:05:05AM
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how about a paper guillotine? Sharpen it to a finer point. Maybe weld some spikes onto the blade.

Joe S
07/15/13 08:32:04PM
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753-2013070320.48.27.jpg?width=721 This is a chocolate cutter that's made by chocovision. I don't really use it anymore as I bulk melt from 1800# cases now so if you are interested make me an offer.

mary amsterdam
07/16/13 06:21:18PM
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I use a chisel from the hardware store and a large rubber mallet. I found it works much better than the chocolate chipper -- it's sharper.

Corey Meyer
07/16/13 08:33:30PM
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I buy callets for dark chocolate and just use a chipper for the milk chocolate.

Esther L. Greenberger2
07/16/13 08:43:21PM
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Thanks for the great suggestion. By the way, since I have been using a hammer on my chipper, the wooden handle began to split so I taped it up very well to preserve it as long as possible.

mary amsterdam
07/16/13 11:17:50PM
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the chisel has a hard plastic handle -- much more durable!

Potomac Chocolate
07/22/13 03:00:59PM
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I second the chisel. It's way better than the chipper.

Esther L. Greenberger2
07/22/13 11:47:35PM
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Thanks, I'm going to buy a chisel.

07/23/13 01:53:54AM
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We put the block into a large bag then whack it against the counter. It is pretty effective. You end up with chunks but they fit down into the tempering bowl just fine.
Joe S
08/01/13 01:57:37PM
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area


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