Achieving a super thin layer of chocolate on a hard center

08/20/13 01:59:24PM
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Hi there everyone,

I am looking to get an very very thin layer of chocolate on to a hard center. By thin I mean super super thin, around 8g-10g of chocolate per 28 grams of hard centers. I will be having this done by a commercial facility and so I am looking to figure out the most efficient method, and piece of machinery that will be needed. If anyone has any advice at all that would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind having a "foot" on the bottom if need be, and I would prefer to keep them natural and matt vs any sort of confectioners glaze.


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Colin Green
08/20/13 06:24:28PM
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How many do you need? I do this with freeze dried strawberries in order to give me a base for panning.

Clay Gordon
08/21/13 11:40:01AM
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Brianna -

I assume you've done tests to know that the chocolate adheres well to your center.

Can you specify thinness as a measurement, not weight? 8-10gr of chocolate on 28gr of center is 25-30% by weight which seems fairly thick, actually. And the pieces are fairly big. What shape are they? Not sure if the can be panned or if they need to be enrobed.

You can thin out the chocolate a tad (is this the point of the cocoa butter question?).

There is usually a movable blower attachment on an enrober belt. The blower can be positioned quite close to the work to remove a significant amount of chocolate.

Enrobers should also have pre-bottomers and de-tailers so I would not "settle" for having a foot around the pieces.

clay -


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