Chocovision X3210 Tempering without Seed chocolate

James Strong
10/12/13 06:53:18PM
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Who has used the X3210 or Delta Tempering machine without using Seed chocolate?

I searched the sight and didn't get any detailed info on a method.

Please share with us your methods in detail! Thanks, James

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James Strong
10/13/13 02:16:19PM
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Excuse me Clay this should have been in Tech help.

So what I have gleaned from the sight is: if using a stone grinder (melanger) and have chocolate in a liquid state poured into the Chocovision X3210 I need to use seed chocolate. That seed chocolate would be from a previous batch that I could hand temper. Any TIPS would still be appreciated and ratios of how much seed to a batch of 3lbs of chocolate...

10/13/13 03:39:39PM
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While I've never made chocolate from beans I don't see why you would need seed. Yes the revolation machines are made for seeding but type V crystals can be a product of time temp and agitation. I'd just melt your chocolate then bring it down in temp as low as it will go. I know the bowl won't turn below a certain temp but cooling the chocolate will give you many forms of cocoa butter crystals. (Like tempering on a slab). Then heat the chocolate to 89 or 90 to melt the type I - IV crystals. Then viola your chocolate is tempered.Check out this link.
Potomac Chocolate
10/14/13 10:32:07PM
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Hi James. Larry's right. You don't necessarily have to use seed chocolate in the x3210 or Delta, but it does make things go a lot quicker. When I do test batches, I just melt to 108, cool to 82 or 83 and then warm to 89 or 90. I'll usually let it run at 89 or 90 for 10 minutes or so to make sure that it's all the same temperature. After that, I'll test and it's usually in temper at that point. If not, I'll just let it run for a few more minutes.

Russ Apotheker
10/22/13 11:26:40PM
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I use the rev delta and have yet to seed my chocolate. I use the temper 2 setting (brings the chocolate down to 85 and then ramps back to 88.7). Pretty much perfect every time. Have you tried a batch without seeding? If so what were your results?

James Strong
10/22/13 11:54:29PM
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Thanks Larry, Ben & Russ, I have had good results with adding chocolate from my Stone grinder at around 110 F, then setting the machine down to 82F, then setting temp up to 90 F for a finished temper. Great results so far...


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