Cocoatown Melanger - ECGC-12SLTA - Leaking Chocolate - Epoxy Glue Fail

03/05/14 01:44:07PM
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Early this morning I discovered the machine rotating in a pool of chocolate at the base of the machine. After thorough cleaning, I discovered the plastic ring glued into the center of the granite base was turning freely. It appears the epoxy seal broke. I contacted Inno-Concepts and they recommended I use food grade epoxy to fix the problem. They also recommended I keep the machine in a warmer room or place a heating element near the machine to keep it in the 80's. The machine had been operating for 29 hours and no sugar was added. I have been using primarily only Dominican R. beans in the machine.

Machine age: 3months

Room operating temperature: low-mid 70's

Batches a week: average 2

If you own a Cocoatown Melanger have you fixed this part or what is the typical lifespan before having to reglue? Also, what type of glue would you recommend?


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11/30/14 09:26:52AM
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Dear Case

I bought two ECGC-12SLTA cocoatows a couple of months ago and i am facing this issue with both machines

I contacted Inno_Concepts and they advised food grade epoxy but after reglue-ing with multiple types of glue/epoxy etc this problem remains :-(.

I used the machines twice a week at room temperatures of 25 degrees celsius but know they are out of running for 2 months yet

What type of glue did you use and where did you bought it?

looking forward to your reply

12/04/14 02:09:46AM
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I hate to say it but they are not the most helpful company when it comes to customer service. I have been using a company called Atom Adhesives. They have 24x7 customer service. I have been using 2 different glues for various components. I think I have had better luck when I use high heat to cure the epoxy. And make sure to clean and buff the granite before gluing to ensure a good seal.

12/19/14 07:40:44AM
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We use our machine 1-4 times a month for 9 months now and e have had to replace the seal 2xs now (we used regular epoxy here in Costa Rica) the stones twice and now the wiper. The customer support at Cacaotown sucks an their machine is way too expensive. We just bought a premier machine which is more lie a santha and cost $250


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