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Or M
08/14/14 08:54:41AM
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I want to buy a lot of moulds and on it a great price.

I just wonder about the size of each piece - it is 2.8*2.8*1.5cm, and 13gr in weight.

Is it a good size for a piece or is it too small?

Here is the link to the product:


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08/14/14 07:28:41PM
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13 grams is a small but decent weight. I find making a paper with the dimensions listed helps me to visualize the chocolate.

Could you make a paper/clay/dough/caramel... form with the same size? What do you think about it with a real one in front of you?

is it 1.5CM tall? it seems like those dimensions don't fit the picture. The chocolate in the picture is about as tall as it is wide. 2.5cm tall makes more sense. (I do see where they listed the size on the website) but hey, it could be worth ordering one to test the mold.

Or M
08/17/14 03:38:47AM
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Thanks for the comment, what size/weight is common, what size/weight do you use?

Jim Dutton
08/20/14 03:46:44PM
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You might visit and look at their enormous selection of molds, most of which have a weight (in grams) for the finished piece provided. You will find many much less than 13g. The first molds I bought, which were Italian, came from a vendor that does not provide weights, and as there was no easy way of judging the size of a finished piece, I ended up with molds that I now think are quite small, say 10g or less, and those who tried my chocolates found them a little too "dainty." Now I look for molds that are around 15g, which offer--for polite people, at least--two bites rather than one. I myself would not go any lower than 12g and my largest is 18g, but quite a few well-known chocolatiers have single-bite pieces in their collections. To state the obvious, to fill an 18-gram shell takes more ganache than you might expect!

Or M
08/21/14 03:01:38AM
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Great insights, thanks!

I have just ordered few mold that are 12-14 gr.

I also think that each piece should be two bites.


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