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Daniel Herskovic
12/19/14 09:01:31AM
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I have been making quite a bit of toffee this holiday season and I certainly don't know everything when it comes to making this treat. I have been trying to achieve a tender texture that does not stick to one's teeth. I'm still on that searchThere is limited information in books on creating excellent toffee. I'm sure there are plenty of people on this site who are much more experienced than me at making toffee and so I would love to hear your input. Here are some questions I have...

1. What is the best temperature to cook toffee to in order to achieve a tender texture? I have seen a range of recipes ranging from 285 degrees Farenhite to 310 Farenhite. I'm confused.

2. Should I add corn syrup to toffee? I am wondering if adding corn syrup creates a stickier texture? Does it inhibit a tender texture? I see some recipes include corn syrup and others that don't.

3. Does seeding toffee with a small amount of granulated sugar at the end of cooking really help? Does anyone do this? I've tried it and I did not notice much of a difference.

4. Does adding baking soda at the end help in creating a nice texture.

Any other tips or observations by others is greatly appreciated!



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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
12/19/14 11:28:19PM
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I am a purist. I only want butter, sugar and water in my toffee. Final temp depends on your altitude. I am at 5000 feet and I go to 300.

12/22/14 06:31:26PM
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I don't know the science of it all, but mine stuck in my teeth until I was told to add lecithin. My formula does have a small amount of corn syrup.


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