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Jayne Hoadley
07/09/17 14:30:35 @jayne-hoadley:

Hi Daniel.  I have read a few posts about caramel, and you mention that you work with a lot of caramel.  I followed a forum about caramel sauce and I was wondering how you resolved the preservation issue.  I am getting ready to attempt caramel sauce and I too want to be certain that it is safe.  Would you be willing to discuss with me the steps you took and where you found your recipe.  I too am having a lot of difficulty knowing where to begin.....I will read on AW.

Thank you so much.

Jayne Hoadley

Daniel Herskovic
07/12/17 11:52:33 @daniel-herskovic:

Hi Jayne,

Thanks for reaching out. In terms of making caramel sauce for jars that will be preserved, I am not experienced with that process. For some reason preserving chocolate sauce and caramel sauce is a tricky thing -- I don't understand why. In past forums, I would comment on caramel that is used as a candy versus a sauce.

When it comes to making caramel that will have a decent shelf life it is important that there be some sort of anti- crystallizing agent in the recipe. This can be corn syrup, glucose, tapioca syrup, brown rice syrup, etc...

Let me know if I can help in any way.



Emma Smith
06/20/17 20:02:11 @zimtly:

Hi Daniel-

I am usually a fly on the wall in the forums and on TCL, so I may be posting in entirely the wrong spot... I saw on a post that you have an old model of the Enro 2. I am looking at buying one and I am so curious as to output. Our pieces are 1.5x1.5x0.75 and weigh 35 g. How many do you think the machine could cover per hour, if we have a continuous supply of chocolate from a warming cabinet and tempering unit?

Thank you so much!!!! Please feel free to email me: emma@zimtchocolates.com as I don't know where I will be able to see your response to this otherwise.


Daniel Herskovic
06/21/17 05:33:57 @daniel-herskovic:

Hi Emma,

Thanks for reaching out. I am very happy with the machine I have. I purchased it used in 2009 and it has worked out very well for me. In fact, it is the most important machine in our small chocolate facility. I think the people at Perfect Equipment are the best people to calculate the output. They can probably give you an answer quickly. Usually when I operate the machine I have another person help me. That is a factor that will make things go faster.

How are you currently enrobing your chocolates? If you are doing it by hand, an enrober will easily increase production 10x .

There are many good machines out there. I think this machine is a great value and the best enrober around for under $15k . I have been working this machine hard for years and it has helped me grow my business. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Thanks!


Eric K. Meredith
04/27/17 14:58:27 @eric-k-meredith:

Hello Daniel,

I am very happy about your Flow Wrapping Machine. I am BRAND NEW in the COCOA FARMING & COCOA PROCESSING. I love making Chocolate & started with a Behmor 1600 Plus. We live in Ghana, so I decied to GO FOR IT!! We bought a 12 acres Cocoa Farm with approx 10,000 Cocoa Trees. In Ghana you MUST sell you Cocoa to the Government or a Licensed Company at a FIXED PRICE of approx $100 Dollars per 65 KG bag, so I decided to Process our Cocoa Beans!!!. So I had Just purchased everything to Process approx 150 KG per hour. Most of the Equipment was Straight Forward. & yes they sent me 2 separate videos. But I have NEVER made Cocoa Butter. I always purchased it. But if you are going to Process Cocoa you MUST make Cocoa Butter. I am praying that I could get some advise from you. I am having problems with the Manufacturer. They sent me TWO (2) separate Videos, but both used (NIBBS) instead of Chocolate Liquor as everything I have read about. The 1st video, they dump the (NIBBS) into a WHITE CLOTH BAG & closed the top. Then placed a FELT PAD on top of the bag & then a Steal Plate on top of the  Felt Pad & turned the Press on. a Creamy oil started coming down the outside of the press into the collection bowl. It had some brown in it. But a dirty creamy real light shade of brown. But it still look like it needed filtered. Video #2) They dumped the (NIBBS) straight in the press chamber & no bag or felt pad, (NOTHING). That looked like WATERY CHOCOLATE.

The Manufacturer also sells the same press for other seed oil PRESS. But as for GOOD CLEAN COCOA BUTTER. Everything I have read says to use Chocolate Liquor, but after the (NIBBS) I did see a great difference with the bag & felt pad cleaned (FILTERED) a lot out of the butter/ oil. But I picture a CHOCOLATE MESS by putting the Chocolate Liquor into the BAG & PAD into the PRESS.

Please, I beg for your assistants.  Can you explain to me the best way to PROCESS FILTERED COCOA BUTTER. that I can make WHITE CHOCOLATE!! I am so happy that your Flow wrapper Machine is working real well. I have just purchased a Cocoa Powder Packaging Machine. It will make a THREE (3) side pillow package PERFORATE each & every bag/satchel & then cut at the number you want per Roll at 40 to 50 bags per minute. That Cocoa Powder Packaging Machine was only $3,400 with shipping. Now I am learning all about the film for the bags/ satchels.

Please, if you can help me, maybe I can help you with Processed Cocoa Products of PURE QUALITY GHANA COCOA PRODUCTS!! It is ILLEGAL to export RAW COCOA BEANS from Ghana. But if he Cocoa Beans are Processed here in Ghana then the Processed Cocoa can be exported without any problems. It is FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE (475.00) Ghana Cedis per 65 KG per Bag. If you can or would help me. I might be able to help you. Please, if you know how to make QUALITY COCOA BUTTER.  Please contract me, if you can possibly help me with this Cocoa Butter & if you need Quality Ghana Cocoa Products. I will work you a real good deal.


Daniel Herskovic
07/02/15 06:42:05 @daniel-herskovic:


That is indeed an important question. I wonder if glycerol is any less wholesome than some of the other ingredients that are added to ganache.... Are ingredients such as Invert Sugar, glucose syrup, and sorbitol less controversial than something like glycerol?