What is a good machine for making a lot of Nut Praline Paste?

Daniel Herskovic
04/06/15 04:16:11PM
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I am currently making a lot of almond praline paste in my robot coupe. It does a good job, but it can only handle small batches and it does take quite a while to get a nice paste.  I think I will need to upgrade to a bigger machine. Does anyone have any reccomendations on what to buy. I am looking at making about 30 pounds of praline paste in a day.  Thanks in advance!


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04/06/15 05:45:40PM
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A colloid mill could easily handle that.  search JKV colloid mill, but be prepared to clean the living daylights out of it.

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
04/06/15 09:21:33PM
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My Robot Coupe only has a 5 minute duty cycle. How are you able to make a oaste in that much time?


04/07/15 07:27:49PM
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I had a robot coupe (industrial size) that could have hours long run cycles.  The larger ones are more versatile.

Mark Heim
04/07/15 10:44:44PM
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Look at a Stephan mixer.  Work very well, and they have a bowl scraper you use while grinding. 


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