Extraction small coca butter machine

mariano garcia
04/21/15 10:49:50PM
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these Chinese machines are good extraction of cocoa butter?

04/23/15 04:32:58AM
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This is a post from this link:https://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/group_discuss/966/longlasting-machines


07/08/14 09:49:22AM @Mark-Allan:

Good morning again,

This is the press I bought:


If you end up getting it, let me know and I can give you some operating tips that will save you time. Also, let the heating element warm up the drive shaft for a good 10 minutes and your output will be much more pure. I found that out on my last run. I tend to grind out enough for 3-4 batches of chocolate at once so that I don't have to run and clean the machine that often.

If I were going for higher output than 1-2kg/hour, I would look at this one:



I have used the machine in the first link a few times and I think it looks similar to yours. I've had similar experience to what Mark mentions above but have only used it a few times. Maybe Mark can chime in or your can send him a message through Chocolate Life for more information.

 It is worth adding you wont get pure cocoa butter. There will be some cocoa solids left in it and it will be black (not clear/yellowish colour). But it can be used to make chocolate.


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04/23/15 04:38:54AM
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Here is another quote from Mark in another thread:

06/17/14 12:00:03PM @Mark-Allan:

The screw press is not as effective as the conventional butter press. A bit, maybe 20%, of the solid is still in the butter. It's not cost effective for someone in the USA to use, because your beans are so expensive there. However here in Honduras, where they don't even sell cocoa butter, it's the cheapest way to enable bean to bar. It's also more time consuming, requiring about an hour of hands on labor, to make 2 kg of butter. On the bright side, you don't feed this machine heated chocolate liqueur as you would a butter press, you just feed it room temperature cocoa nibs.

A local machinist wanted $700 to make a conventional butter press powered by a hydraulic car jack, but he had never made that type of machine before, so it was risky.

The screw press machine itself, ordered from Alibaba, was delivered to me for a total of $230.

- See more at: https://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/group_discuss/955/new-to-the-chocolate-life#sthash.tSfrrXML.dpuf

mariano garcia
04/24/15 11:04:41AM
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hello Gap,


thanks for the advice
, but I think that the first machine is very pequenia and the secondvery large, hehe, I hope to hear from someone who use the machine I was suggesting

mariano garcia
04/24/15 11:06:00AM
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thanks for the advice, but I think that the first machine is very small and the second very large, hehe, I hope to hear from someone who use the machine I was suggesting


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