Anyone used the Olde Tyme peanut butter mill to make pnut butter?

12/01/15 03:34:09PM
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Thoughts on it?  Any details on how fine a grind it's able to achieve?  Does it also grind any additives one would incorporate into peanut butter (such as sugar), or is it a nut grinder only?

Any other suggestions of grinders one might look at for a very small scale (only need a couple of pounds of scale) for making nut butters would be appreciated!

Thanks folks

12/01/15 04:47:13PM
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Sebastian - I sure you'd have thought of this already and have your reasons for not doing it, but I'm interested why you wouldn't use a cheap food processor to grind the nuts and then drop them in a Premier Wonder Grinder for a couple of hours? I do it all the time with pistachio, hazelnuts and almonds and haven't had a problem. I've made pure nut pastes and also 60/40 praline pastes (without caramelising the sugar). Seems much cheaper.

Edited to add: I think you make a bit of chocolate yourself as well. The Champion Juicer (if you use it) is also capable of making nut butters, although I haven't used it for that before.

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12/01/15 06:50:25PM
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Thanks Gap.  Need something a little faster than a stone grinder i'm afraid 8-)

Ash Maki
12/01/15 11:58:21PM
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We have an old tyme. We use it mostly to pre grind cacao but have run nuts through there as well. It makes a pretty ruff grind peanut butter.  No reason the sugar couldn't go through it but it wouldn't do much to it as it doesn't grind down much smaller than the sugar is already. The best I have seen yet is the robo coup Blixer 5 about $3000 and the best deal for the money. Grinds nuts into paste very well and super fast. It also combines ingredients together well. This is what we are looking at for anything to do with nuts.  

12/02/15 06:37:02AM
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Thanks ash - appreciate it!


12/05/15 08:48:56PM
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I sell the Premier Wonder Grinder and the upgraded Chocolate Refiner, and we are seeing an increasing number of people using them for making nut butters.  They are liking the texture they are getting and are running them for a shorter period of time than they would for making chocolate.  Also great for making things like gianduja.


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