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My journey as a chocolate maker began when I decided to teach my children how "chocolate grows on trees."  A trip to Belize led to my first chocolate company being founded there.  Realizing how much I love making chocolate, I decided to make chocolate closer to home in Seattle.  Now you can come visit me at my indi chocolate store in Pike Place Market.  I love not only making bean to bar chocolate but also introducing people to the many wonderful and unexpected sides of chocolate too.  Come visit me in Pike Place Market or on my website at

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Looking to take it to the next level? Why not step in to a turn-key operation in Belize?

For Sale - Profitable Chocolate...
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Anyone Familiar with Dancity Chocolate Making Equipment?

I was wondering if anyone is...
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Ronn Hatchel
12/03/13 12:40:59 @ronn-hatchel:
Erin, if you will give me your email I will send photos of the granite tableRonn Hatchel
Melanie Boudar
03/21/12 13:06:08 @melanie-boudar:

yes call me when you are here. 808-557-5358. My store is in Wailea, I can meet you there.

Dan Corson
10/18/11 12:16:42 @dan-corson:

Hi Erin.

Hey, I thought we should introduce ourselves since we are almost neighbors. We live mostly in Seattle, but have a cacao farm on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our trees have just started to produce and I heard we had a harvest of 150 pods yesterday.

I assume you will be at the PNW Chocolate Festival next wkend? Perhaps we can meet there? We will be joined by another couple that have some land north of us who are planning on planting cacao over the holidays. I love this Hawaii/PNW connection.

If you want to contact me, use my other email address: I don't make it here all that often.


Dan and Berndt

Wilhelm Wanders
07/19/11 10:34:19 @wilhelm-wanders:


The white chocolate bar molds have 3 cavities each and each bar measures 6" x 2-7/8". There are six bar molds available.



Stacy Narrow
05/03/11 09:43:58 @stacy-narrow:

Hi Erin,

I am interested in purchasing 3 of those magnetic molds, one of each type. I am new to all this. How do I purchase from you? Thanks for your help.

02/28/11 13:45:52 @mra:
Could we be any further away from each other. I think shipping is about a thousand for standard freight. I will keep you posted if we are unable to sell it.
02/24/11 09:13:31 @mra:
It's in New Hampshire. I'm looking for $7,000... but will consider all offers. Let me know.
05/08/10 19:00:54 @danielle:
Hi Erin...Haven't had a chance to use the's been too hot here and my place doesn't have air conditioning. But I am thinking of getting up at 4 to try it out tomorrow morning.As for the marshmallows, air is best, but you can do a gelatin base or egg base. I am trying to figure out once I get my new mixer, what I want to do. Egg based marshmallows don't last as long, but gelatin ones are denser. I will have to wait and see. My new mixer should be here this week.
04/29/10 22:55:31 @danielle:
Hi the temperer I just need to set it up to use it...haven't had much chance to open all the boxes...just got the chocolate stored in a cool place...Thanks again for your help.Danielle
04/28/10 23:36:33 @danielle:
Erin-Just the mixer went out. I need something that can puff my marshmallows up a there goes another $400. Oh's just money...can't take it with you...Other than that all is well.Take care.Danielle
Patrick Pineda
04/28/10 12:44:55 @patrick-pineda:
erin sorry i was out of the country please send me an email to with quantity you were interested in and i will send you our varietal info and product list and pricing. thanks
04/27/10 21:09:37 @danielle:
Hi Erin-Thanks for checking for me. I await trying the machine and the milk chocolate too.Caramels are going well...I just created a maple and a black cherry.I burnt out my mixer on marshmallows and am now in the process of buying a professional mixer for my kitchen here...kind of glad that I only bought one tempering machine.
04/26/10 22:48:17 @danielle:
Hi Erin-I couldn't remember how long it would be before I got my chocolate tempering machine...can you please lte me know? Thanks.Danielle
04/01/10 22:58:43 @danielle:
I will let you know if I make it up that way. Take care Erin.
04/01/10 07:57:44 @danielle:
Thank you Erin. It was great to talk to you too. Let me know when you come visit your parents and we will get together.Danielle
Clay Gordon
05/17/08 13:52:30 @clay:
Erin:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. Do you have some photos and/or stories from your trip to Belize you can share with us?:: Clay