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Logan Byrd
02/11/16 09:46:42AM
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Have a used ECGC 65A Ive recently hooked up with single to 3 phase control box. It makes a high pitched whine when the motor is turned on, and the pitch changes with the frequency control knob. It is very annoying. I am in contact with an electrician and Cocoatown, but was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience with fixing this. Thanks.

Clay Gordon
02/11/16 10:04:05AM
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What is making the whine? The motor or the phase converter?

clay -
Logan Byrd
02/11/16 10:40:11AM
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The noise originates from the motor area. I've done a belt change, oil check, and greased any parts that seem relevant. The noise does not happen when you simply spin the drum. 


02/11/16 09:18:05PM
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This is a common situation with a VFD, the motor amplifies the carrier frequency and voila you have noise. Simplest possible solutions include changing the carrier frequency ( usually set in parameters for your drive, just raise it slightly, or sometimes it is possible to minimize the noise by increasing/decreasing the distance from VFD to motor. Best thing to do would be to talk to your electrician about this as there are many variables, you could need a combination of them to reduce the noise. First thing- self adjust the carrier frequency slightly higher to see if it helps (in your drive manual). Note: the noise never goes away it just gets adjusted beyond your hearing limits ( your dog will still complain). Or you could just get a pair of earmuffs (which was our solution, I wasn't about to spend the time to figure it out)

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02/12/16 11:43:52AM
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Can you send a quick video? 

Logan Byrd
02/12/16 02:56:01PM
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Peter, could you elaborate on the possible solutions youre proposing? I am unfamiliar with those terms and how to proceed.

As for the second option, just move the grindeur further from the control panel?


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