peppermint chocolate

05/15/16 01:12:48PM
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Did anyone try to mix essential mint oil in chocolate?
It's a popular taste recently.
Which oil do you use?
how much oil approximately you need to 1 kg of chocolate?
boiling point to avoid from evaporation while in the grinder?

Thank you

05/15/16 07:23:15PM
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Peppermint oil from Sevarome.

Use 1 ml per 1 kg.

Do not add to the grinder or conche.

Add to liquid chocolate before tempering or even better just before depositing if you can mix it in well. This will reduce the clean up.

Please remember that chocolate absorbs flavours very well so you run a risk of everything smelling a bit minty if you are not careful while producing or cleaning. 

05/16/16 05:28:48AM
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Thank you, helpful advises.

1 ml per kg is a lot less from what I would guess.

Do you know this product:

And from your point of view, how was the taste?

Daniel Haran
05/16/16 02:55:52PM
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All the aromatherapy stuff is hella overpriced - and often the taste isn't as great as the smell. I used Lorann for my latest experiments, which was easily available and better than the 3 different brands of aromatherapy oils I could get my hands on.

05/17/16 07:20:40PM
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In our case the taste is pretty good, both in milk and dark chocolates.

We have been selling the product in large quantities for years.


05/18/16 05:03:15AM
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The Lorann oils doesn't seem to be cheaper, they sell it in a tiny amount of 1/8 oz

05/19/16 02:08:58PM
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I love this perfect combination. Mint chocolate is one of my favorite flavors, I've tried them on teas and cheesecakes.  I'll try that product

05/19/16 05:54:22PM
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Knowing the strength (or the 'fold') of the flavor is helpful to guide usage levels.  Most of what you're buying off the shelves is a single fold (single strength) - i might suggest a starting point of 0.1% on a weight basis and evaluate.

I've worked with some essential oils, however, that requires FAR less than that (as in 0.00000x%) - so little that it's hard to even measure it correctly.  It's pretty unlikely that's what you're finding, but it's always good to be aware that it's out there.


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