FBM Compatta Enrobing Belt help

04/08/17 01:47:50PM
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I have been using my Compatta for a few months now and starting to get the hang of it so I decided to try the enrobing belt.  The results were terrible.  Half coated chocolates, even putting them through a second time did not seem to help.

At first I realised that my doser creating the curtains of chocolate was too high and not producing a constant curtain.  I resolved this by lowering it.  I thought that maybe the edges of my hand cut truffles were not straight was the problem but I tried turning some upside down but still not any better.

I ended up going back to hand dipping.

I am also not sure if I have brought up the paper in the right position as I am getting 3 lines of chocolate off the belt.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Clay Gordon
04/08/17 04:17:17PM
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Have you been in touch with FBM customer support on Skype? The Skype address is: fbmsrl.

They have videos that show the proper use of the belt and will be happy to send them to you. On a Skype video call you can also show them the issues you are dealing with and they can walk you through addressing them right then and there.

There are adjustments on the sides of the double-curtain veil that are used to fine-tune the flow of the chocolate. The settings depend on a number of factors but mostly on the viscosity of the chocolate being used. If you are constantly getting gaps in the curtain then you need to open up the gaps in the double-curtain.

There is an adjustment for the bottomer on the side of the carriage of the enrober. Facing the Compatta with the belt in place the adjustment knob is to the right of the double-curtain veil. Move it up and down to raise or lower the chocolate in the basin above the belt to the height you desire.

Are you also having issues with the detailer?

There should be chocolate on the paper takeoff, it's there to keep chocolate off the belt.

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