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04/08/17 01:47:50PM
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FBM Compatta Enrobing Belt help

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I have been using my Compatta for a few months now and starting to get the hang of it so I decided to try the enrobing belt.  The results were terrible.  Half coated chocolates, even putting them through a second time did not seem to help.

At first I realised that my doser creating the curtains of chocolate was too high and not producing a constant curtain.  I resolved this by lowering it.  I thought that maybe the edges of my hand cut truffles were not straight was the problem but I tried turning some upside down but still not any better.

I ended up going back to hand dipping.

I am also not sure if I have brought up the paper in the right position as I am getting 3 lines of chocolate off the belt.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

08/22/16 04:32:01PM
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WTB - Chocolate Bar Wrappers - Edinburgh, Scotland

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I have only been making chocolate for a short time but I am finding it difficult to know how to source self designed wrappers for chocolate bars.  I have been using the plain flat pack card packaging from Keylink but it adds quite a bit to the cost so hoping to source something cheaper.

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