Adding coconut sugar to cocoa paste

05/05/17 07:29:42AM
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Hi everyone,

I'm still very new to the chocolate making process and am yet to purchase a melanger to make my chocolate from scratch. I have practised tempering shop bought chocolate and now that I have that technique sorted, I wanted to make chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar, so I melted 140g organic cocoa paste and stirred in (or attempted to stir in) 60g coconut sugar that had been ground down to a fine powder in my nutribullet. However, I had probably stirred in around half of the sugar and the mixture began to thicken and look like it had seized. I tried this method again the following weekend, presuming that some water had somehow dripped into the mixture, but the same thing happened. Can someone explain why? I have purchased some liquid sunflower lecithin, in the hope that this will thin the mixture more and allow me to add the full amount of sugar desired. I have not tried this yet though and didn't want to waste more expensive cocoa paste in case there was a reason to this problem that I was overlooking. 

Many thanks for all your help,

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06/04/17 07:46:03PM
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Let me see if I got you : you added grinded coconut sugar to a chocolate mixture in the grinder and the whole thing started to thincken.

beth campbell
06/15/17 12:42:11AM
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hi there,  So I use coconut sugar for my chocolates and I suggest two things;  use some sort of desiccant to get all moisture out of the sugar. ALso don't add too much sugar at once.


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