SOLD FBM Aura for sale $4700 USD

03/06/18 12:21:39PM
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Hello Everyone. First of all, I would thank for the help I get 3 years ago when I started the chocolate adventure. It has been joyful! I ended up buying the FBM Aura.

I get busy at my daily job and now I am putting it on sale if anyone is interested. It is excellent for making chocolate bar. I used less than 15 times in the past years.

I made chocolate bars with Bible verses on for church and fundraising. Customized Moulds are for sale as well if you are interested. The machine makes beautiful chocolate bar:) and in great condition. (The only thing: When it shipped to me from Europe, the cord insulation is rubbed during shipping. Then FBM company sent me a spare cord just in case. But it might never need to replace.)

I am in USA, Indiana. It is Aura 220v single phase 60hz, with manual, instruction and vibrating parts. $4700 (USD) and you arrange shipping.

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LUV Ice Cream
03/27/18 11:11:15AM
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Two questions:

In the metered depositor mode, what is the range of the smallest shot to the largest? Can it do 4oz per shot? 0.3oz?

How flexible are you on the price?

please reply to 


rick boosey
07/29/18 11:18:33AM
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susie - is this still for sale ?  


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