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Manufacturer and Wholesaler of all-natural, sugar-free, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan handmade artisan bars.

We also make organic grass-fed dairy ice creams with no sugar added and sugar-free vegan coconut frozen desserts, variet of sugar-free hard candies and more.  Basically, we take the guilt out of all the guilty dessert pleasures.

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Eric K. Meredith
04/29/17 06:09:23 @eric-k-meredith:

Hello Luv Ice Cream,

I hope you don't mind me butting in. I had just purchased a Cocoa Powder Packaging Machine from China also like Daniels Flow Wrapping Machine. I will give you an email address to the sales Rep for the company that is helping me with TWO (2) separate sizes Packaging Film & has everything that you would need for all kinds of packaging & does the printing also. Turn Key. But they are also in China & you will have approx THREE (3) month delay between orders!!! The persons name is Susie Chen & her email address is The company is Jiangsu Hanlin Pharmaceutical Pacakging Technology Co., LTD. Web Site & I surely hope this might help you. If you know anyone who knows about COCOA BUTTER PROCESSING, please help me. I have a very big problem having everything you need to make & do something, but are lacking the knowledge to do what you MUST do. Please, if there is anyone that could help me with my COCOA BUTTER ISSUE & would be very grateful.


Debra Watson
02/11/14 01:18:12 @debra-watson:

Hello LUV Ice Cream -

Thank you for your inquiry. I'm sorry, I don't have any idea how much it would cost to shipthe Hand Coater. I would be very hesitant to ship it and it would require quite a crate to set it up for safe shipping. I really would only feel comfortable in delivering it myself and driving it to where it would need to go basically within BC in Canada or to the US border. By posting on 'The Chocolate Life' I knew that it would mostly be US users but thought if someone had a relative in Canada or BC and were coming up anyway it could be an option if someone were interested. Where are you from?