dale montondo
04/06/10 10:38:53
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I'm using a 50 mm round disc mold, 12 cellsand depositing with a syringe from a Rev 2. It starts pulling away from the outside and movestowards the center. It leaves a spot, quite nice looking,in the center when I unmold them. I'd like to make that spot bigger.Any ideas would be much appreciated.

updated by @dale-montondo: 04/20/15 23:57:09
Alan McClure
04/07/10 06:50:13
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To have a larger spot you'll need less contraction of the finished piece. Less contraction means having more cocoa butter crystals and less fluid cocoa butter in the tempered chocolate prior to molding. You can push this pretty far, but you may need to increase the rate at which the pieces are cooled, or, due to the additional stable crystals, solidification may happen so quickly that the latent heat of crystallization that is released will not be able to be effectively removed, and you could end up with temper issues.In simple terms, create a "more tempered" chocolate prior to molding. It will me more viscous or "thicker." See how that works for you. Just be sure to have efficient cooling.
dale montondo
04/07/10 18:17:40
10 posts
Thank you !


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