Food safe practices when airbrushing.

04/01/11 03:07:03AM
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I'm inspired to have an airbrush in my chocolate design tool kit. My concern is oil or moisture, from the compressor, will compromise food safety. High quality traps will remove the majority ofbacteria breeding environments but a system that generates 'pure air' pushes way past my budget.

Does anyone have more information on the standard systems used for airbrushing chocolates or the health risks involved in using compressors?

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04/02/11 09:08:08AM
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I'd say the health risks are more significant to the person airbrushing - coloured fat aerosolized and being inhaled is likely not safe. I wear a mask appropriate for those particles when airbrushing.

Laura Marion
04/25/11 09:16:52AM
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yes i am with kerry on this one i work with an airbrush 2-3 days a week when working with it i am in a spray both with a extraction fan & i wear a face mask. i have a very big compressor and i do release the moisture that come from the air out of the air lines once every few days


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