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Easter Chickens
coconut ganache with lime jelly
Hazelnut praline
my new creation
my new creation
Coconut & Lime, Hazelnut Praline, Caramel Swirl, Strawberry Heart
Dark Bunny Pops
Dark Bunny
Dark bunny's and bunny pops
Milk Bunny Pop
Milk & Dark Bunny  Pop
Milk & Dark Bunnys



david roberts
06/13/12 14:11:28 @david-roberts:

Hi Laura, pleased to meet you, i must say im well impressed with your work, as i said earlier anything you need to know in regards to magnetic moulds etc just ask and i will endevour to take you down the right path.

John Marshall
09/28/11 06:54:22 @john-marshall:

Hi Laura!



Sergio Shidomi
04/28/11 22:07:59 @sergio-shidomi:

Hi there Laura, Thanks for the message! Very kind of you. No i dont have a shop i work for someone but would love to work for myself. My dream would be opening my own pastry and chocolate shop someday ;).



Pierre (Pete) Trinque
04/19/11 13:48:12 @pierre-pete-trinque:


Thanks for the info on the pods.

We opened our shop in Tucson, Arizona on March 1st, just in time for the summer heat. We are currently working hard to keep up with the demand for our easter bunnies while trying to introduce some new flavors. You can visit our facebook page for sabino chocolates and see some o four bunnies, bon bons, etc. The pictures of the shop are a bit dated and we have done more improvments recently.

Would love to keep in contact to share experiences as we work through our start-up


03/01/11 07:11:51 @juan:

Good morning Laura

I have add a few of my chocolate logos pics!!

02/28/11 06:32:14 @juan:

Hi Laura, yes I did all what you see in the pictures, I love to make logos in chocolate too I will post a few pictures soon.

You like the twist, is very simple to make them, just you need a power screw driver and a metal stick about 6" long and keep it frozen at all the times, with a small paper cone full of chocolate, pipe as you slowly turn the power gun. is fun!!! you can make four or five at one time. let me know how go!!


02/27/11 16:33:27 @juan:
Nice work!!!
Rick Jordan
01/03/11 21:11:13 @rick-jordan:
Hi! pleasure to meet your acquaintance Laura ;)
12/02/10 05:37:12 @marcus:
hi laura ah his name is arno backes he used to work for koko black in melbourne cheers marcus
11/10/10 09:58:25 @alan-j-raymond:
Hi, lucky you, you've fell right in to the industry.. The problem here in Ireland is that its hard to find work with the artisan producers as they are mostly run by a family outfit and the big producers such as cadbury and nestle only hire factoryoperatives and not chocolatiers. I also live in a rural area and have to travel far for work. Luckily the restaurant I work at allows me to make whatever chocolate desserts or gateauxs I wish so I get alot of practice in.. I have a small commercial studio kitchen at my house which I used to cater from for events and parties in the past, I now use it to practice my chocolatge work for when I will stgart making artisan chocolates for sale.
11/09/10 15:32:30 @alan-j-raymond:
Hi laura, your welcome...Do you have your own shop or studio ? Your chocolates should sell very well, they are well crafted.. I'm a chef / patissiere and only recently started working with chocolate properly.I've allways loved chocolate and had an interest in the business but never got round to making my own. I absolutely love callebaut, the flavours are real and not like other brands which can be too sweet or hard on the palate.How did you get involved with chocolate???
Katreece Montgomery
11/08/10 11:30:37 @katreece-montgomery:
thank-you laura, love your photos, yum yum !
Vercruysse Geert
04/22/10 09:29:22 @vercruysse-geert:
Hello Laura,I see you love your work as chocolatier, please continue and take Valrhona as measure!Greetings