Bloom Resistance

03/02/12 12:35:39AM
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I just finished reading about a technique that says raising the temperature of your finished chocolate to 89.6-95 F for 80 minutes can postpone bloom development for one year. Has anyone ever tried this? Ever heard of this?

I'm very interested in hearing any success with postponing bloom for as long as possible.

Any special cooling tips?


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Daniela Vasquez
10/04/12 06:08:22PM
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I leave my chocolate in the melter for hours , tempered and untempered, and it still blooms if cooled improperly or doing a bad tempering. Since blooming is caused by improper crystallization I dont think keeping it at a certain temp (other than the advised storage temp) can make chocolate bloom resistant.

10/05/12 07:14:05AM
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Yes. In order for it to work you're going to have to have a very well, and controlled , tempering process in place. Frankly for the small mfr, I'd suggest using chocolate with at least 3% free milk fat, and focus on controlling your post tempering storage conditions vs doing the above. That is, of course, for products that dont contain a lot of nuts.


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