Fruity Panama Beans

01/27/17 01:39:32PM
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We have 40 tons of fruity amazing, socially responsible cacao beans for sale at an intro price to new markets of $3500/MT.   Please message me with any interest.  We are happy to send a sample your way.

01/27/17 04:15:46PM
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I recognize that sensory scoring sheet 8-)

02/01/17 08:20:49AM
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Hi! I would like to get sample. Please contact me

Brad Churchill
02/07/17 04:31:19AM
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I may be interested in 2-4 tons.  Please email me privately at


03/08/17 02:50:20AM
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Well one would certainly think so, and if you’re buying real coffee beans let’s hope they are not artificial, but that does not mean they are natural….processed that is.  You see when we refer to a coffee as natural we mean it is natural vs washed or semi-washed in the processing.  Originally, all coffee was processed naturally, allowing the cherries to dry on the beans, but inconsistencies in this method led to bad,  over fermented, and sometimes downright nasty coffee. Eventually the washed method became more popular.

04/03/17 05:11:58AM
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I want some recipes of fruity panama beans please. Anyone has?

04/27/17 03:37:12PM
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is it possible to have some samples to test out 




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