Grenada - Home of Tree to Bar Chocolate Festival 2017 aka Grenada Chocolate Fest

05/20/17 05:23:30PM
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It's a week since the Grenada (Home of tree to bar) Chocolate Festival 2017 took place, it was a wonderful and inspiring week. You can see a short video of our cocoa farm workshop and other events on the channel. 

Tri Island Chocolate - Tri Island Chocolate Farming Workshop -Tri Island Chocolate Farming Workshop

Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017 -

06/14/17 08:22:42AM
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Can't seem to access the links you posted.. Getting 404 ERROR - PAGE NOT FOUND

06/28/17 09:27:17AM
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If you copy and paste the URL into your browser (rather than clicking on it) it will come up.


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