What's on YOUR chocolate bucket list?

Clay Gordon
01/31/11 04:52:53PM
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Okay, I am neither Jack Nicholson for Morgan Freeman and I don't have a note from a doctor saying my time on earth is coming to an end anytime soon.

I have done a lot in the last 17 years that I've been involved with the wonderful world of chocolate - traveled to about a dozen countries (not nearly enough), met a lot of people (but not all of them), ate A LOT of chocolate (some bad, but most good). And every time I turn around, there's some new place or person to visit and some new chocolate to try.

I definitely want to visit Bali, never been there, and I have always loved the chocolate made from the beans that come from Java, Surabaya, and elsewhere in the region. I have some good friends there and know a top pastry chef at a top hotel so I know I can eat and sleep well in addition to roughing it in the countryside.

But what about you? What's on your Chocolate Bucket (not Charlie Bucket) List?

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Dallas Chocolate / Sander Wolf
01/31/11 06:12:45PM
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I'd like to try the fruit of a cocao pod -- the white squishy stuff.
Wendy Buckner
02/06/11 03:05:25AM
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Well...there are so many things I want to do! Places to go, things to make, Chocolatiers to meet... But...the dorky side of me cant wait to visit the Chocolate amusement park in Amsterdam...if it ever opens! :)
Bruce Toy (Coppeneur)
02/07/11 12:54:09AM
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1) Savour the Salon du Chocolat in Paris

2) Visit a cocoa plantation

3) Expose the psychopathic nature of the Multinational Chocolate Corporations.



Melanie Boudar
02/07/11 01:53:39AM
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Think that Chocolate Museum in Peru is a good excuse to finally see Machu Pichu as well.
Roxanne Browning
02/14/11 09:44:28PM
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Volunteer to work in a cocoa plantation. Being part of the tree to bar process. And of course, eating the white squishy stuff.
Roxanne Browning
04/02/11 11:51:49AM
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I can mark off volunteering on a cocoa plantation, will go to the Amazon this June at the Kallari co-op!


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