Sourcing Ecuadorian Cacao

Jeff Stern
06/13/11 02:54:54PM
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Ecuador is the worlds largest grower of fine flavor cocoa. This comes with a caveat, however; if you dont know your way around you can easily end up with a mix of true Nacional beans and CCN-51, or CCN-51 beans being passed off as something else, which will in turn affect the final quality of your product. Also, you need to know if the beans youre buying have been properly fermented and dried. If youre interested in visiting Ecuador just to get to know the cocoa and chocolate industry up close, or to buy beans direct from the source, or a bit of both, please give me a shout. I have over 5 years experience in Ecuador in the cocoa/chocolate industry and numerous industry contacts at all levels. I also offer training in chocolate and confectionery (specifically pralines/filled chocolates, enrobing, etc) and can custom tailor an itinerary to meet your needs. We are experienced in logistics and import/export as well to help expedite delivery of your beans.
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Chad Settlemier
07/05/11 01:27:10PM
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Can you sell me Nacional pods ready for planting the beans? Is their other heirloom varieties available or is Nacional the only "heirloom" variety?Thanks!Chad
10/21/12 12:05:49AM
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Do you supply small batches of fermented cocoa beans? About 10lb?


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