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Thomas Forbes
02/13/12 05:18:31PM
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Discovered Eataly on 25th and Broadway in NYC last week. Nice selection of Italian chocolate and confections. Bought truffles and a Barbero bar, Santo Domingo 70%. $8.80 for 3.5 oz. Very good.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I passed by Burdick and said hello to a former student of mine who works there. Purchased a Venezuelan bar and a Bolivian bar which were fantastic.

Hit Black Hound on Friday and had a few truffles. The young women who waited on me was from Haitian ethnicity and when I showed her my chocolate paste, she said her Dad brings it back from the Dominican Republic when he goes. She also gave me a white chocolate truffle which I can do without next time.

Sunday my wife and I drove to Maryland and took a Chocolate 101 class with Crisoire Reid at Spag n Vola. Her husband Eric sat down with us and was very generous with his time and advice. His partner Justin does a nice tour of their operations and is very engaging. A groups of about 12 people made ganache, rolled truffles, table tempered, and dipped. I was their mostly to meet them and was very impressed with the quality of their chocolate. They have their own farm in the DR and have complete control from tree to bon bon. You must try it.

Today I visited Fika downtown in the financial district. You can watch the chocolatier mold through a glass window. I introduced myself and he was very nice and willing to spend to time speaking with me. Fika means coffee break in Swedish. Had three truffles and a sandwich.

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