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jafer louahdi
02/20/13 02:07:54PM
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Hello, I have read few days ago about a group of people getting a discount from perfect equipment for enrobeuse , could any of these person contact me , for me to purchase my enrobeuse at the same discount

is anyone interested in purchasing a mini enrobeuse from PE . we could get 10% off

Thanks to all


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Clay Gordon
02/22/13 08:26:26AM
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Hey everyone. If you want to put together buying groups for products from companies that are NOT supporters of TheChocolateLife please contact me first. If you are not sure if a company is a supporter of TheChocolateLife - please contact me first.

There may be a conflict with an existing supporter of TheChocolateLife.
I may be able to help get a better discount and/or a better product.

Please keep in mind that the commissions I make selling products to the ChocolateLife community make it possible for me to run the community free of charge.

Thanks for your understanding,
:: Clay

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