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Beryl Wells Hamilton2
08/10/14 08:45:16PM
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Howdy, chocophiles!

Meadowlands Chocolate's Kickstarter Project has exceeded its goal and we have six days to go! We'll be able to buy our first order of beans in bulk in four origins, plus four new machines, a 10-lb capacity temperer, and more. We'd love to go beyond the goal so we can purchase more equipment and supplies, like more stainless steel tables and storage shelves for our tiny kitchen. The chocolate rewards include all four of our original origins, and Madagascar origin if we go over $10,000.

I found a great quote about craft chocolate and wanted to share it here:

"There is a growing movement, led by chocolate makers (typically small companies at this point), that forges direct relationships with cacao farmers and cooperatives in order to secure fine cacao for their flavorful chocolate. Direct trade supports farmers--to the tune of many TIMES the commodity price--so that farmers may support the beautiful chocolate made from their beans. This is the way to go.

Support craft chocolate--it's helping to preserve cacao, farmers' livelihoods, the rainforest, and your health. I promise it's the tastiest ethical choice you'll ever make." -Bar Cacao

Link to article byKelsey Timmerman(source for Bar Cacao comment)

Link to our Kickstarter Project

Thank you!

Beryl and Clyo, craft chocolate makers

Meadowlands Chocolate

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