Dallas Chocolate Conference/Festival

Jacob Royer
09/01/14 09:42:24PM
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Has anyone heard anything about what's happening with the Dallas event. Previously they had called it a "Conference" and this year they seem to have gone to "Festival".

It seems a little more on the fad side of things this year. They seem to have upped the prices a bit again and are having food trucks show up outside. I'm not a big fan of the food truck feel mixing with the chocolate feel of years past and don't think it will be as appealing. Put it all together and so far I am not inclined to go this year. If anyone has heard anything about what's happening I might reconsider.

Thanks all!

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Potomac Chocolate
09/02/14 08:10:12AM
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Hi Jacob,

I've taken part in it for the past two years and will be again this year. Looking back through my emails, it looks like it's been called the 'DallasChocolate.org Chocolate Conference & Festival' since 2012.

The chocolate side of things this year looks to be as great as ever, with a lot of great chocolatiers and chocolate makers in attendance.

Santiago Peralta of Pacari will be doing a class on cacao growing and processing, and Art Pollard of Amano and I will be doing a class on the bean to bar process.

All in all, I think it will be a great event.


09/02/14 07:23:19PM
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The structure doesn't seem different this year from those in years past (i.e., educational sessions, tastings, and a mix of mostly local chocolatiers and out-of-town chocolate makers). I've always found it to be a pretty solid value for adult admission and a steal for children. I look forward to attending again this year.



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