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10/19/14 11:52:22
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Hello Everyone,

I have been in the chocolate business for about a year now and have been looking for appropriate as well as affordable vendors to work with. I don't know if this is my inability to find great vendors or they are really hard to find. Is anyone willing to share/suggest vendors for the items listed below?

1. Good quality chocolate

2. Packaging - looking for magnetic lock boxes

3. Natural/Organic/No GMO added products for fillings etc.

Any advice is going to be very appreciative.



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George baritt
11/05/14 17:59:34
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Look up Peters Chocolate, made and sold by Cargille
Daniel Haran
11/06/14 08:29:39
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Where are you located, what's your usage, volume, and budget?

The two big couverture players in my area are Barry and Valrhona. Some use Belcolade because it's cheaper and "Belgian", but it's nowhere near as good.

Real chocolate that tastes great is expensive. A tastier but more expensive option is to contact a bean-to-bar manufacturer whose chocolate you like and inquire about bulk pricing.


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kapil jain
kapil jain
kapil jain
@kapil-jain • 7 years ago

Chocolatevenue is an online chocolate store in India.We are specialized in customized chocolates  .Chocolates can be customized as chocolate message and chocolate bars.

You can get written your message on chocolates and can get customized your chocolate bars by selecting the desired ingredients.

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@colorchocolate • 7 years ago


Enjoy a delicious premium chocolate from the Boyacá region of Colombia, considered among the best in the world. We offer a 200 kilograms lot of pure origin cocoa liquor,  fair trade / ethically sourced. N o other ingredients added.

The price for this high quality product is as follows:

1 kg - US$ 13

100 kg - US$ 12 per kilo

200 kg - US$ 11 per kilo


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Clay Gordon
@clay • 7 years ago

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Clay Gordon
The 4 Chocolatiers
@the-4-chocolatiers • 7 years ago

Two changes we made with the chocolate is that this time we winnowed the chocolate. This time we didn't use a blow dryer to melt the chocolate. Two improvements with the chocolate is that the melanger didn't get clogged this time and everyone put in work.