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Courtney montgomery
@courtney-montgomery • 8 years ago • comments: 1
Posted a new Comment on @jason-walter:
"Hi jason how are you?i just wanted to say i am enjoying the cocoa butter tremdously i wanted thank you again and say hello.hugs"



Courtney montgomery
09/23/13 09:27:46AM @courtney-montgomery:
Thank you anita I would love some molds at .25ea what is the shipping?plus I couldn't see any molds on your site.
Anita Stackhouse
09/22/13 10:21:16PM @anita-stackhouse:
Courtney, thanks for reaching out. I have plenty of molds. They are the plastic type NOT the polycarbonate kind. I would be happy to sell them at 25 cents apiece. (Wholesale is usually $1.25 and retail is about $2.25)I also have cocoa butter colors (from chef rubber) and sugar decorations and sprinkles to go on cakes/cupcakes/cookies.I originally thought I would hang onto all that, but if you are interested, I would enjoy seeing them go to a good home.My website, is still up. Go there and look at the molded shapes of the chocolates. We can start there if you are interested. Many of my molds sold during my liquidation sale, but I still have quite a bunch.I also have candy boxes that I would be willing to sell you as well. I can take pictures and direct you to websites to look at what I have.I go back and forth from Corpus Christi to Houston often, but I always answer my email as quickly as possible.Anita K StackhouseGourmet Chocolatier
stephen sembuya
03/06/13 06:29:16AM @stephen-sembuya:

HI Courtney, thanx 4 your message. i have never made a single bean to bar though i have all these cocoa beans. and so am looking for some we can partner with where by i contribute the cocoa farm, beans and factory space. can start on small scale. Regards