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chocolate house
Tuxedo strawberries
chocolate clock for comp
tuxedo and coconut strawberries
Fun colored chocolates!
Hard ganache wedding cake
Newfoundland Chocolate Company
Chocolate trees! luster dusted



Matt Caputo
03/23/10 04:18:16PM @matt-caputo:
Wow! I checked out your website and it looks like there are quite a few places that carry your product.I look forward to hearing more from you on TheChocolateLife. I am no expert in working with chocolate, but if you have any questions on the flavors, textures, etc. in high end brands like Amedei and its ilk, I am your man.Ciao,Matt
Matt Caputo
03/21/10 03:31:31PM @matt-caputo:
Courtney,It's Matt, not Mark. From the pictures posted here I assume you make pastry and filled chocolates? What is the name of the business and can you tell me the website? What brand of chocolate is your favorite to work with?I am not on the artistic end of the industry like you. I actually own a business that specializes in retailing and wholesaling specialty food. Chocolate (bars and filled) is a major passion of mine. In our main retail shop we carry over 325 chocolate bars. I am not talking grocery store brands either. We have all the world's top bars. We recently even added a bulk section where one can purchase couverture from the likes of Amedei, Valrhona, Amano, Domori, Pralus and Felchlin to name a few.Last year our store was awarded Outstanding Retailer at The New York Fancy Food Show (the largest specialty food show in the U.S.).We also distribute specialty foods such as olive oil, cheese, etc., in addition to chocolate to hundreds of restaurants, hotels and ski resorts.Funny to see that you have friended Nick Frappier, he has one of the best palates in the chocolate world and is actually the National Sales Manager for a subsidiary company of mine called A Priori. A Priori specializes in selling bulk and retail chocolate to retailers and food service accounts.
Nick Frappier
03/20/10 11:37:25PM @nick-frappier:
Good to make your acquaintance, it is always nice to meet others passionate about chocolate.
Matt Caputo
03/20/10 04:54:21PM @matt-caputo:
Courtney,Glad to become friends. Do you still make a living it chocolate?Best,Matt