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11/02/16 01:07:04AM @rroman:

you can reach me at 


11/02/16 12:56:25AM @rroman:

Hi daniel,

I read a few of your posts about inoculants and fermentation, i have been looking into this and have been looking for the inoculants to start adding to beans here in vietnam. I have just started a bean to bar company here in Vietnam and have alot of access to beans and fermentaion. I missed this harvest, but want to do somethings for next harvest. I am having a hard time finding these inoculats, i have been thinking more of yeasts. 

can you help me out and tell me more about your experinces with using inocults



Daniel O'Doherty
12/12/09 05:25:40PM @daniel-odoherty:
Hi Melanie!I've been in Hawaii for about 5 years, but have been doing research on cacao trees and chocolate at UH Manoa for the last year or so. Are you growing cacao on Big Island?Aloha!
Melanie Boudar
12/12/09 01:30:31AM @melanie-boudar:
hey great to see another person from Hawaii here!