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Eric K. Meredith
05/06/17 01:43:35 @eric-k-meredith:

Hello Deb,

I hope you don't mind me butting in but over the last NINE (9) months I have purchased a total of TWELVE (12) pieces of equipment from, FOUR (4) different companies. Some were TWO (2) or more. This last company I have purchased my last SEVEN (7) different pieces of equipment, the name of this company is HENAN U-FIRST MACHINERY EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd. Their Web Site is / is The Sales Manager is Chris Lee & her email address is

To give you an idea of the Cocoa Powder Packaging Machine it will do a wide range of sizes & different set ups. Example I want to have TWO (2) completely different types of HOT CHOCOLATES. #1) is a SINGLE SERVING bag/satchels SIXTY (60) grams per bag/satchel & each & every bag is PERFORATED & then cut at every TWELVE (12) bags. You set the amount or weight then this one will PERFORATE between 1st & 2nd, 2nd to 3rd & so on for a ROLL of TWELVE & then CUT at TWELVE!! You set the number that it will cut. It is a THREE (3) side pillow bag. It seals the back & then the bottom & top together or the start just the bottom. then fills & weights & then seals the top of the FIRST one & the Bottom of the SECOND one!! Then it PERFORATES at the seam of the top & bottom. I want TWELVE (12) bags per roll now & TEN (10) rolls in a carton. If prices go up & I don't want to increase the price, but reduce the number per ROLL. I can set it for TEN (10) bags/satchels per ROLL!!!

Then I am having a FAMILY /BULK size of FOUR HUNDRED (400) grams per bag!!! Yes the same machine will do both completely different sizes up to a width of 300 mm of film. This will cut at each bag & then TWENTY FOUR (24) bags per case!!!

The reason I have bought the last SEVEN (7) machines from this ONE (1) & ONLY company has been PRICE & SERVICE!! They have even helped me with other issues!!! But TRUTHFULLY!! EACH & EVERY COMPANY has made a quality machine. I can not complain about the quality of any of the machines, but some have lacked with instructions!!

Regardless who you purchase your wrapping machine from you are going to need the FILM / wrapping material. Please if you don't mind is SUSIE CHEN. She will help you & work with the manufacturer. to ensure that you have the correct wrapping material!! her email address is The companies Web Site Address is They have TWO (2) or THREE (3) different WEB SITES!!!

I would highly recommend both Chris Lee for any equipment & especially Packaging Machines!! But you can fine maybe TWENTY (20) plus companies at alibaba that make Packaging Machines!!!