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Roberta Landgren
12/18/11 12:21:43 @roberta-landgren:

Hi Debra, I'm trying to learn more about cocoa butter printing, computers, and getting customer logos on my chocolates and you seem to be the "go to" person for that. Would you mind emailing me at I have a ton of questions and limited funds and time to get a proposal worked up for acorporate account. I could order them custom made, but I'd rather do it myself. I went to Tomrics website and couldn't find any information about printer chips or software; could you point me in a directions? I would really appreciate any help. Roberta

Magrietha Hendrika du Plessis
09/29/11 00:38:54 @magrietha-hendrika-du-plessis:
Thanks Debra, I took your advice and things went a lot better last night. I also watched the videos and picked up on quite a few mistakes I have been making. I really appreciate the trouble you took to help me. I will be tempering and dipping all day and I am sure it is going to go a lot better as I am going to watch a video again before I start.
Jackie Jones
08/30/11 09:42:40 @jackie-jones:

We just got our electricity back. All chocolate in coolers. The building

where I have my chocolate cabinet is fine, but buildings all around went down in historic downtown Washington, NC