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Vercruysse Geert
07/13/12 09:59:56 @vercruysse-geert:

Thanks for the kind words Domantes, I like to share wonderfull chocolate barshere in Belgium, because 95% of the Belgiums think we have the best chocolate in the world and this is so untrue :-o

Best regards


Vercruysse Geert
07/12/12 07:06:13 @vercruysse-geert:

Hi Domantas,

This gesture should be very kind of and I really would be pleasured to receive and who know maybe your chocolat is the next NEW chocolate in my shop.

Yesterday I received the Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate USA California, very nice chocolate of Dominican Rep and Ecuador. Small bars and so nicely moulded in exclusif moulds. Occupied with my blog on Marou and Dick Taylor now. If you should thinking on sending some bars please try not to deliver in August, I'm on holiday. The adres is Chocolaterie Vercruysse Geert, Doorniksewijk 115,117 8500 Kortrijk West-Vlaanderen Belgium. :-)

Vercruysse Geert
07/11/12 01:58:58 @vercruysse-geert:

I like the interview I just received from a friend, very nice ;-)

wish you lots of succes Domantas Uzpalis.

Vercruysse Geert

PS nice website film you have very original !