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Wholesale Fair Trade Organic chocolate

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Can somebody please help me? I run a small gourmet toffee business in Dayton OH. I have 4 different flavors of toffee and currently use belgian milk, dark (72%) and bittersweet (65%) chocolates which are available in 1lb 1oz bars. I am very interested in switching to a high quality fair trade organic chocolate. I have tried Dagoba but wasn't very impressed.I am a chocolate novice--I can appreciate really good chocolate more than the average Joe but get a little intimidated when I start reading this site, although I definitely appreciate the wealth of information. I am especially interested in finding a chocolatier who might be interested in working with me to create chocolate specifically for the toffee.Can anyone point me in the right direction, give me some leads, give me your opinions on the fair trade organic chocolate that's out there, or in any other way help me out?Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back.
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