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06/03/11 01:13:53PM
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What does it really cost to set up a bean to bar chocolate factory?

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How can you measure the real cost of producing B2B small batch chocolate? I'm in the middle of my start up and am trying to bootstrap the business (no external help) while working full time not to mention trying to spend time with the family! If you want to include the cost of a divorce in your costs fuggetaboutit! Seriously since this is all new to me how do I estimate the cost of fumbling around doing things for the first time unlike Brad who has prior experiences? In the beginning sourcing used, new or repurposed equipment for the best prices and best value is a time consuming challenge. I'm sure there are calculators and books out there that can break down the start up costs but I seem to feel they leave something out. Assuming I don't get blindsided by something that isn't included in my business plan.
Here are my preliminary estimated costs for 50lb - 100lb batch per day is:
Fixed start up costs $50,000 - $75,000
After 6 months with employees, rent and production costs per month - $12,000-$16,000
Someone smarter than me said you can choose the size of your headaches and I hope to keep mine small.

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