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01/25/13 03:23:30PM
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I'm Interested In Your Opinion!

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Hi Brad,

I just checked out your site. I appreciate the work you put into it, it is a lot of hard work for sure! The fact that you have asked for opinions means that you do care what others think. For me, I think its a nice mellow looking site but it does not reflect the wording of what you have written. I personally think it needs a Wow factor. In saying so, I am asking myself if mine has any wow factor to it. I agree that it needs more pictures of your work and past works. Perhaps even pictures of you making the chocolate from the bean. A couple things stand out for me in reading about you and how you are portraying yourself and the Chocolate industry to the public. A Chocolatier and a Chocolate maker are two very distinct roles and two very important roles. Without either one, the other is lacking. There is a saying from my childhood where I grew up in Alberta (I'm no spring chicken haha),I was told that it is very important to learn one thing really really well and from there all things will branch out. Also, all the chocolatiers and chocolate makers I have met so far have a humility and a team spirit. If we trust each other, we can work togethor to create a product/s that is not only delicious but has the expertise of fine ingredients,integrity, the passion, the skilland the team spirit all built into it. You mentioned about someone elses chocolate just being melted down. What about the other ingredients? Are all those made from yourself as well. I would just caution on how things are worded and what is being portrayed. It could be the way I read it but it feels like you put down the competition and other chocolatiers in general to make yourself seem better. This is how a lot of politicians are now and I don't want to know how bad others are, I want to know your passion, your expertise, your love of what you are doing and your story of how chocolate makes you feel not from a negative standpoint but what is positive about your experience. Add a little bit of how much you are loving your life now because your curiosity of how chocolate is made caused you to want to make it yourself. I like your Logo and I love the fact that you were brave enough to ask for opinions. It does sound like you want your customers to be happy and its great that word of mouth is getting you business. If you dress up the website just a little more with a few of the suggestions, I'm sure more will be drawn to you.Shipping is a bit of a pain in Canada so I don't blame you for not wanting to but it sure would bring more sales. However, like you said, its not what you are looking for. I am learning a lot from this whole discussion and am always tweaking my own website. This will help for sure! Good luck with everything! If I'm back in Alberta at some point, I will stop in and say hi!