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Rick Janssens
02/22/13 03:10:25PM @rick-janssens:

I make my chocolate in Ancaster Ontario. I am a wholesale manufacturer of chocolate and supplies.

Rick Janssens
02/04/13 08:06:27AM @rick-janssens:

Thanks for the welcome. I am new to this forum but not to the world of chocolate.

Bernhard Mueller
01/26/13 10:08:51PM @bernhard-mueller:
Hi Kristi, thanks for the welcome note. Very happy to be part of the chocolate life community.
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
01/26/13 01:39:24PM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:

Hi Kristi, Too bad you can't join us in April.

Scot B. Weicker2
01/26/13 11:22:05AM @scot-b-weicker2:

Dear Kristi,

Thank you so much for your note and I too wish you lived closer! This will be a wonderful event with 100% of every ticket purchased going directly to the Shelter for the Homeless! Enjoy your weekend!